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Officers Position Election

posted Apr 21, 2016, 8:08 AM by TSA Editor   [ updated Aug 2, 2016, 1:47 PM ]
Below are the list of Candidates that are running for a officers position. To vote fill out the google form:

 D'Andre William
(Vice President Candidate )
My time here in TSA has been probably once the best experiences I've had at Lanier but I feel that it's lacking, towards the end of TSA I notice that the number of people lessened. If the chance, that I am elected I would see with what influence I'm given that involvement for everyone would be increased. The association would offer just that much more.
Brooke Mckenzie 
(Vice President Candidate)
I, Brooke McKenzie, would make a great Vice President for TSA. I have experience in leadership positions not just as treasurer this past year, which has given me a great understanding of how TSA works, but I also have leadership experience since I am a part of LSLT and GSLT. I have an understanding of what I need to do to assist the president including helping wherever I am needed. I can help make decisions and flesh out plans as well as keeping everyone focused on what would be best for our members. I have the qualities required to be Vice President which involve honesty, helpfulness, determined and integrity.
 David Yoon
(Operation Coordinate Candidate)
I would like to run for this position because I feel that this would allow me to help TSA and CDAT in the best way that I can.
Stephanie Meneses
(Marketing Director Candidate)
This past school year I was a part of the executive board of TSA as the Operations Director and attended the TSA Fall Leadership Conference and the State Conference held in March. I found that, while I liked my executive position, I wasn't the best suited for it. In the upcoming school year I'd like to be TSA's Marketing Director. This year I found I have a passion for Graphic Design and played a lot with Photoshop CS6. Some of the logos I''ve made include the logo for the Lanier Cluster Website, Official Sugar Hill Elementary logo, TSA's Tech Camp digital flyers, and the logo for Lanier's Women Business Symposium. I am also a current member of the Maker Fest Planning Committee and have aided in the graphic design team there. As a current executive officer of TSA and a FIRST Robotics veteran, I think my leadership and Graphic Design skills are well suited for the position and I hope to bring all of my energy and the best that I can to TSA.

Raafay Shahbazi 
(Communication Director Candidate)
Hey guys, I'm Raafay and I'm running for communications. I'm friendly and I have a background in website management. I also like to think that I'm polite and funny. I find that I'm better at talking on a computer than in real life. I really look forward to communicating with you all!

 Jonny Deates
(Sargent In Arms)
 I think I would make a good Sargent at Arms.
 Marissa Sorkin
(Event Coordinator Candidate) 
I feel like I am a great candidate for the "Event Coordinator" position because I have experience in event planning. I helped out with planning for TSA's "Tech Day Camp" this past year, and I am currently involved with planning team for the upcoming Maker Fest. I am looking forward to contributing even more to TSA next year. I hope to implement more event ideas for our regular meetings--and even more!

 Teishana Antoine   
(Communications Director)         
I have been the secretary and the communication leader for the past year. I did a really amazing job with communicating with everyone in TSA. I understand what it take to a leader.